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Are you looking for massage techniques that

can offer your clients personalized solutions to 

improve wellness?

Our online courses are designed to improve your massage therapy skills

and help your clients get back to the activities they love!

How can Lighthouse Wellness CE Massage Courses

help you thrive in your massage therapy career?

Choosing Accredited courses can set you on the right path to success.

Our massage courses

are board certified


Our massage techniques have been tested in the industry

Our online courses

are available in the comfort of your home

Face Massage

Our massage courses can provide you with tools to help

your clients that experience the following conditions:

Stress  .  Tension  . Tightness  .  Aches and Pains  .  Neck Pain

Back Pain  .  Low Range of Motion  .  Low Function

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Lighthouse Wellness CE


Ariel Tomey, DC

Dr. Tomey is  is passionate about teaching convenient, effective and patient-centered massage therapy techniques. Dr. Tomey not only teaches massage therapy techniques, he  uses them in his own Chiropractic practice to care for his clients. He is  thrilled to share his knowledge to help you thrive in your

massage therapy career.

Screen Shot 2021-02-05 at 11.19.50
Leg Injury
It's time to gain new skills to help you grow in your
massage therapy career.
Receive a  quality learning experience by
choosing Lighthouse Wellness CE
massage therapy courses.
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