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Spring Cleaning: Liver Health

Spring is the season of the liver. As we enter a new season our liver is working extra hard to clear out toxins that have accumulated from the holiday season and winter. The liver is our most important organ of detoxification. The liver is a reservoir for blood and lymphatic fluid.

A sluggish liver could cause unexplainable fatigue, depression, irritability or anger, mood swings, feeling overwhelmed by stress, PMS or hormonal imbalance, headaches, allergies, skin breakouts, bloating, gas and sluggish digestion.

Our course Quick Self Fixes and Targeted Muscle Testing offers a quick solution to jump start the liver. The Liver Fix - It is theorized that pounding the liver stimulates massive and sudden overall lymphatic drainage throughout the body.

Try the Liver Fix

The Liver Fix is a great self care tool for massage therapists and their clients. In our course you will learn more Quick Self Fixes that can keep you in good health and your clients will love to learn them as well!

Learn More about the Quick Self Fixes

We offer continuing education courses to massage therapists and fitness trainers. Learn more about our upcoming courses on our website.

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