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Quick Self Fixes & Targeted Muscle Testing

What is Quick Self Fixes and Targeted Muscle Testing?


Quick Self Fixes are 32 self treatments that prevent and resolve connective tissue tightness and/or joint fixations. These self fixes usually make chronically weak muscles instantly strong and keep them strong when the Quick Self Fixes are performed regularly. Strong muscles promote better function and comfort. These fixes are great self care tools for any massage therapist looking to stay strong and healthy so they can perform at their best! Massage therapists will also learn how they can provide these Quick Self Fixes to their massage clients, giving extra healing tools for clients to continue to use at home.

Targeted Muscle Testing is a muscle strength evaluation system developed by Dr. Cassius Camden Clay. Targeted Muscle Testing challenges a person’s muscle strength against a tester’s pressure as a means of quickly determining  muscle weaknesses and/or strengths. Weak muscles are not weak because you need more exercise. These muscles are most often weak because of connective tissue tightness and/or joint fixations that are disrupting nerve conduction, blood flow, lymphatic drainage, and/or cerebral spinal fluid flow that are essential for sustained muscle strength. These muscles have gone dormant like a bear hibernating in the winter to conserve its resources.

A daily routine of the Quick Self Fixes contained in this course will activate dormant muscles and keep you strong.

Pressure point massage 2

Benefits of Quick Self Fixes

  • Improve overall strength and flexibility

  • Prevent and speed the healing of injuries

  • Help prevent and relieve pain

  • Increase vitality

  • Improve endurance

  • Slow the formation of arthritis

  • Improve coordination

  • Enhance athletic performance

  • Increase comfort

  • Increase metabolism and decrease fat

Interested in adding these tools to your massage practice?

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12 hr hands-on classes.

On-site Massage Continuing Education Courses

Do you have a group of Massage Therapists and/or Personal Fitness Trainers looking for CEU credits? Let us come to you!

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